Cosmic Critters is a captivating NFT collection featuring a delightful array of cute alien monsters. These charming creatures hail from distant galaxies and bring with them an aura of cosmic wonder. Each critter is uniquely designed with vibrant colors, endearing features, and an unmistakable otherworldly charm.

Within the Cosmic Critters collection, you’ll discover a diverse cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and quirks. From playful and mischievous critters to wise and mysterious ones, with only 1000 critters every NFT in this collection tells a captivating story waiting to be unraveled.

These adorable extraterrestrial beings are masterfully crafted using AI-generated art, combining intricate details and imaginative designs. The artwork showcases a harmonious blend of futuristic elements, interstellar landscapes, and captivating visual effects, transporting viewers into a whimsical realm beyond the boundaries of our own world.

As you explore the “Cosmic Critters” NFT collection, you’ll find yourself immersed in a universe brimming with imagination and possibility. These delightful creatures are not only visually appealing but also serve as a source of inspiration, igniting the imagination and sparking a sense of childlike wonder.

Each NFT in the “Cosmic Critters” collection is a unique and limited edition piece, ensuring its rarity and exclusivity. Owning one of these NFTs allows you to become a proud custodian of a cosmic companion, a symbol of your connection to the vast and enchanting cosmos.

Prepare to embark on an enchanting journey through the stars as you embrace the irresistible charm of the “Cosmic Critters” collection. These lovable alien monsters are sure to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike, spreading joy and cosmic magic throughout the digital art community.

Through this portal, vibrant cosmic energy envelops your chosen Cosmic Critter, infusing it with a surge of celestial power. You can almost feel the pulsating energy as the critter’s essence merges with the digital canvas, giving rise to a mesmerizing artwork that encapsulates their charm and character.

As the minting process reaches its culmination, 1 or more of the 1000 Cosmic Critter NFT’s spring to life in all their glory. The artwork captures the intricate details, vivid colors, and whimsical traits that make each Cosmic Critter so captivating and endearing.

Once minted, your Cosmic Critter NFT becomes an extraordinary testament to your connection with the celestial realm. It represents your cosmic bond with these otherworldly creatures, and you become an honored guardian of their timeless story, As you hold this digital masterpiece in your virtual wallet. 

This mint will be an open mint with no limits on how many you can mint, however we have added a mint fee of .25 matic to prevent bot and single member complete mint outs.  All proceeds will go into $SPAD token liquidity.


In this project roadmap for 2023, we embark on a cosmic journey filled with ambitious goals and thrilling milestones that will shape the future of our endeavor.


NFT Design and Concept


Minting and Listing


Rewards to Winner of the mint out

JUNE 2024

To be decided


In the depths of the cosmos, there exists a realm known as Nebula Nexus—a celestial convergence of energy and matter where the laws of physics intertwine with the boundless imagination of the universe. It is within this cosmic tapestry that the story of the Cosmic Critters begins.

Long ago, an extraordinary event occurred within Nebula Nexus—an explosion of creative energy that resulted from the collision of two cosmic forces: the Quasar of Artistry and the Singularity of Imagination. This cataclysmic event gave birth to a multitude of adorable and unique alien beings, the Cosmic Critters.

These charming creatures embody the very essence of cosmic creation, each born from the cosmic energies that permeate Nebula Nexus. They are imbued with an abundance of creativity, curiosity, and an insatiable zest for exploration.

As they emerged into existence, the Cosmic Critters found themselves traversing the vastness of space, venturing into uncharted territories and encountering cosmic wonders beyond imagination. They quickly became emissaries of joy and inspiration, captivating all who had the fortune to encounter them.

The rarity of the Cosmic Critters stems from the delicate balance of cosmic forces required for their manifestation. The Quasar of Artistry, with its infinite palette of colors and shapes, can only generate a limited number of these extraordinary beings. The Singularity of Imagination, the source of their life force, grants them vitality but in measured portions to ensure their uniqueness.

In their interstellar travels, the Cosmic Critters discovered that they possessed the ability to imprint their essence onto physical objects, granting these objects a glimpse into their celestial nature. It is through this cosmic artistry that the collection of 1000 NFTs came to be. Each NFT represents a living snapshot, a moment frozen in time, capturing the essence of a specific Cosmic Critter.

To maintain the integrity and rarity of these cosmic creations, it was decreed that only 1000 NFTs would ever be minted. This limited supply ensures that each Cosmic Critter NFT remains a treasure sought after by collectors and enthusiasts throughout the universe. Those fortunate enough to acquire one become custodians of a piece of cosmic history, forever intertwined with the whimsical magic of Nebula Nexus.

As the Cosmic Critters continue their cosmic odyssey, they seek to inspire and enchant beings across the galaxies. Their NFTs serve as a portal, allowing collectors to form a profound connection with these extraterrestrial beings and become part of their timeless story—a story that will be passed down through the ages, inspiring generations to come with the magic of the cosmos and the boundless power of imagination.



Long ago, in the farthest reaches of the cosmos, a celestial phenomenon known as the Quasar of Artistry ignited the universe with its awe-inspiring brilliance. It was a colossal beacon of creative energy, radiating from the core of a distant galaxy and captivating all who beheld its splendor.

The Quasar of Artistry possessed a power unlike any other—a power that transcended the boundaries of conventional imagination. It was a wellspring of inspiration that breathed life into the mundane, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary works of art.

As the quasar pulsed with vibrant hues and danced with ethereal brushstrokes of cosmic paint, it summoned forth galaxies of breathtaking beauty. Celestial bodies swirled with mesmerizing patterns, nebulae birthed intricate tapestries, and stars shimmered like scattered jewels across the cosmic canvas.

Within the luminous core of the quasar, the essence of creativity and artistic expression melded with the fabric of the universe. It was the source of infinite possibilities, where ideas flourished and dreams took shape. The quasar attracted cosmic beings, both mortal and immortal, drawn by its radiant allure and the promise of unlocking new realms of imagination.

Those who were fortunate enough to encounter the Quasar of Artistry experienced a profound transformation. They were imbued with a heightened perception of beauty, an insatiable thirst for artistic exploration, and an innate understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the creator and their creation.

Artists of every ilk ventured from across the cosmos to bask in the quasar’s radiance, seeking inspiration and guidance in their pursuit of artistic excellence. They would commune with the celestial energies, channeling the quasar’s power into their works, creating masterpieces that resonated with the very essence of the cosmos.

Legends spoke of cosmic artisans who could harness the raw energy of the quasar, shaping it into tangible forms that evoked emotions, stories, and ideas. Their creations became catalysts for change, catalysts for introspection, and catalysts for the evolution of consciousness itself.

The Quasar of Artistry, though a celestial entity, had a profound impact on mortal realms. It sparked revolutions of thought, forged cultural legacies, and became a wellspring of solace and inspiration for generations to come. Its influence transcended time and space, as its radiance reached across galaxies, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of the universe.

To this day, the Quasar of Artistry continues to shine brightly, guiding artists and creatives on their quest for self-expression and aesthetic enlightenment. Its energy permeates the cosmos, whispering to those who listen, urging them to unlock their innermost visions and manifest them in breathtaking forms.

As you venture into the cosmic realm, may the Quasar of Artistry illuminate your path, fuel your imagination, and empower you to create wonders that captivate the hearts and minds of all who behold them. Embrace the divine gift bestowed upon you by this cosmic beacon, and let your artistic journey be forever touched by the celestial essence of the Quasar of Artistry.



In the depths of the cosmic expanse, there exists a phenomenon of extraordinary magnitude—an ethereal convergence known as the Singularity of Imagination. It is a cosmic nexus where the dreams, fantasies, and unbounded creativity of sentient beings intertwine, giving birth to a force that transcends the boundaries of reality.

The Singularity of Imagination is a celestial crucible where ideas, thoughts, and aspirations merge into a symphony of infinite possibilities. It is a swirling vortex of cosmic energy, radiating with the boundless potential of untamed dreams and uncharted realms of thought.

Within the Singularity’s epicenter, the essence of imagination becomes a palpable entity—a celestial elixir that ignites the spark of creativity and unlocks doors to unexplored dimensions. It resonates with the yearning for self-expression, urging individuals to delve into the depths of their minds and bring forth worlds yet unseen.

This cosmic wellspring of imagination holds the power to bridge the chasm between the tangible and the intangible, materializing ethereal visions into tangible forms. It empowers artists, writers, and visionaries to harness the chaotic dance of ideas, shaping them into works of art, literature, and innovation that push the boundaries of what is known and believed.

Those who embrace the Singularity of Imagination are bestowed with a profound gift—a key to unlock the doorways of the extraordinary. They become conduits of inspiration, allowing the celestial energy to flow through them, manifesting their innermost visions and breathing life into the realms of the imaginary.

Through the Singularity of Imagination, artists become alchemists, transforming intangible thoughts into palpable creations that captivate the senses and stir the depths of the soul. Innovators become architects, constructing bridges between the present and the future, powered by a vision that emerges from the Singularity’s cosmic depths.

The Singularity of Imagination is a celestial force that transcends time and space, reaching across galaxies to touch the hearts and minds of beings throughout the cosmos. It fosters unity and understanding, for within its vast expanse, the diversity of imaginations intertwines, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

As you explore the cosmic realms, embrace the Singularity of Imagination as a guiding star. Let its cosmic symphony resonate within you, unleashing the depths of your creativity and propelling you to venture into uncharted territories of thought. With the Singularity as your ally, may your imagination soar to celestial heights, illuminating the universe with the radiance of your dreams and giving birth to wonders yet unseen.